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Best Prices

  • Our company offers the best prices for used cars in the European Union car market.
  • Our philosophy has always been focused on high quality products and the increasingly number of clients that we have flawlessly served over time.
  • Product quality is assured by a careful check of the vehicle when it is selected by our technical inspectors.
  • The selling prices are set by the bank (lease company) and include the borrower debt to the bank, the trade margins of our company and the VAT for the vehicle. The fee for release of documents (€350), temporary license plates and insurance will be paid separately.
  • Prices cannot be negotiated, therefore all vehicles are being sold through “Buy it Now”. 
  • The quality and price of our vehicles has resulted in a large number of sales, constant supply improvement and a rapid expansion of our services to customers across the world.
  • The wide offer, lower margins of profit, the expanding number of customers has led to a steady increase in revenues and enabled our company to reach the lowest prices on the European Union market.
  • The decision taken by our management to sell vehicles across Europe enabled our company to become one of the strongest players on the used car market in European Union.
  • A big “Thank you!” to all our customers, our partners and our employees for this success!
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