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Service and Inspection


First stage of verification

We start by ensuring that the vehicle has all the necessary documents such as insurance, valid technical inspection and vehicle registration documents. After the documents are checked, our specialists begin the physical check of the vehicle. Any aesthetic or technical problem they find is being reported in the vehicle inspection sheet. If the vehicle has only minor flaws (impact from stones, minor scratches) that can be repaired / adjusted easily, our specialists ask for the approval of our service manager to proceed to repair. The number of kilometers in the on-board computer is marked and verifications are made to determine if the mileage is real or it was tampered with. We continue by carefully checking the body. This is done by exposing it to a bright light, in order to observe any small imperfections of the body. Our mechanics follow closely the lines of the body and the spaces between the parts to determine if it matches with the manufacturer standards. Hood, trunk and all doors are checked.








Second stage of verification

We open the lid of the engine and check the oil level and it’s quality. We move on to checking other engine components. We check terminal power cables and conductors. Battery status is verified by comparing results with the parameters specified by the manufacturing company. The windshield and side windows are checked for scratches or cracks. Electric side windows are checked to function properly. The leather / velour check is extremely important. It is checked for stains or scratches.







Third stage of verification

At this step we verify the technical parameters of the engine. We start the vehicle to check that the engine runs at normal temperature and that the noise or exhaust gases do not exceed the limits set by the EU regulations. Lights are being checked. Headlights, tail lights and fog lights are sequentially turned on and off. We verify the board computer for errors. We check that the air conditioning (climate control) and heating are operational. We finish by verifying the audio, entertainment and navigation systems.




Fourth stage of verification

The audio system is turned off during the test-drive to hear any imperfections in the operation of the vehicle. Our specialists are paying attention to the gearbox, which is monitored by an approved tester. We monitor the throttle and brakes to verify that they function in normal parameters. Suspension and shock absorbers are monitored and our technicians are alert to any possible noise or vibration. At a speed of 60 km/h we check the direction of the vehicle as it must run perfectly aligned to the road, without moving the steering wheel to one side or another. After the drive test ends, minutes after the vehicle is stopped, our inspectors check for any leakage of oil or other liquids.





Fifth stage of verification

All observations recorded during the inspection are carefully analyzed by our specialists. If they consider that the vehicle is in excellent condition they send the inspection sheet for approval to the service manager. After receiving the approval, we prepare the necessary documents to take over the vehicle. We send all the recorded observations to the sales department in order to post the vehicle for sale on our website.





Before we select a vehicle from the available fleet of our partners (banks or lease companies), it undergoes a thorough inspection to determine the condition of the vehicle, aesthetics, mechanics, and the registration documents. This inspection is performed by our service team and is supervised by our service manager who verifies that everything written in the inspection report is accurate and reflects the reality. We ensure that the results presented in the vehicle description on our website, are 100% accurate.

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