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Terms of Sale

Terms of sale are agreed by our company with our partners (banks or lease companies) and cannot be negotiated.

 The terms were set in the task book of the public auction organized by our partners that granted us the right to become official sellers of their fleet.

Our company offers vehicles for sale, through the “Buy it Now” option, at fixed prices agreed with the bank (lease company).

The sale procedure was established in contractual terms with our partners and is presented in the following way:

 The potential customer will choose a vehicle listed on our website as available for sale.
 The customer can initiate the purchase by using the “Buy it Now”  feature. If the customer has any other questions regarding the vehicle or the transaction he shall use the “Request More Information” feature.
 When the customer decides to make the purchase by clicking    he has to complete all the contractual steps of the “Buy it Now” process. Our sale procedure is in line with European Union standards for online vehicle sales.

 After the customer completes all the steps of the “Buy it Now”  process he will receive by e-mail the Invoice for the vehicle, signed and stamped by our company. The Invoice will contain a clear identification of the vehicle, the customer’s data, delivery address, bank details of our company and the total price to be paid.
The whole payment or an advance must be submitted and confirmed within 48 hours from the moment the customer received the invoice. The advance may vary based on the vehicle that the customer is intersted in and will be discussed before the proforma invoice will be released.

To confirm the payment, the customer must send back a copy of the bank receipt with transfer information clearly visible.

 The delivery procedure and the documents required for the transfer of ownership are prepared only after the customer’s payment is confirmed by our bank. Document preparation will take between 2-6 working days and the delivery procedure will take between 7-14 days, depending on the location of delivery.
 In addition to the purchase price, the customer must pay a fixed fee for the release of documents, insurance and temporary license plate numbers in value of EUR 350, and a shipping fee that depends on the distance of transport from our office to the location of delivery.

Shipping charges will be calculated as follows:

 Vehicle transport will be made through our shipping department and will be accompanied by a company agent. Our agent will personally hand out the vehicle, both keys and the complete set of documents required for sale and registration.

 Our agent is qualified to advise the customer about the procedure of registration of the vehicle.

Distance Price
distances below 150 km minimum fee is €60
151 km – 1500 km €0.30/km
1501 km – 3000 km €0.25/km
more than 3001 km please ask for a shipping quote

Upon delivery of the vehicle, both keys and all necessary documents, the customer must sign a standard vehicle acceptance document to complete the sale procedure.

 If, for objective reasons, such as that the received vehicle does not match the vehicle described on our website, the customer can refuse the vehicle by signing a contract of refusal called “Vehicle Return”.

The customer must inform our agent of the vehicle refusal after 48 hours from the ending time of testing period of 5 days.

 To refuse the vehicle, the customer must complete in the “Vehicle Return” contract, at the entry mentions, the exact reasons that led to the refusal of the vehicle. After the “Vehicle Return” contract is completed and signed by the customer, our agent will send it to our sales manager to approve the refund to the customer.
 Please note that the customer has the right for refund only for the amount representing the sale price of the vehicle (or the advance payment). The documents fee and the shipping fee shall not be refunded, as the customer already benefited from both services.
 This case of refusal of the vehicle is presented in the contract as an insurance that the customer will receive exactly the vehicle that he has chosen and paid for.

 In our company history, we have never had a case of vehicle refusal. All vehicles are carefully checked by our company technical experts and the information posted on the website is consistent and 100% accurate.
 All the transactions of our company are conducted in a professional manner and in accordance with European Union regulations for the online vehicle sales.
 By quality of services and a vast experience in the European market of used vehicles, we guarantee to all our customers that they will be 100% satisfied with the purchase.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us!

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